• 781 Lane Ave, Memphis TN 38105 USA.
  • +1 (614) 654-1457
  • 781 Lane Ave, Memphis TN 38105 USA.
  • +1 (614) 654-1457



GolfCartsDealership.co will not collect any tax on you.

About delivery services zone

Our delivery services are currently only available to locations within the continental United States Canada, Europe and Australia.

About shipping time 

After you confirm the order, we will process your order within 24 hours. So please allow us to send your order within 3-7 working days after placing the order.

About tracking detail

After your order is shipped, we will immediately send an email confirmation containing the tracking number. Sometimes the shipment will be delayed for updates, please don’t worry.

After receiving the order tracking number, you can inquire on the international logistics website. If after more than five working days you don’t receive a logistics update record, please send an email to sales@GolfCartsDealership.co to help you query the detailed order information.

About cancel order  

Please review our return policy.

About Shipping fee

Please contact our sales support for more details on your shipping location.

Any question

Please contact sales@GolfCartsDealership.co

781 Lane Ave, Memphis TN 38105 USA.

Phone: + 1 (614) 654-1457